If you went or know anyone who went to SDCC and saw this cosplayer, the police seriously need your help. _

The cosplayer was found at the side of a road unconscious and bloody without her ID and in her costume. The police are unsure what happened to her. 

If you have ANY information or saw her anywhere, call The San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154.
PLEASE Spread the message.

Personal note: I am not personally involved with the situation, I have not been to that con nor seen the cosplayer only saw the issue being raised on Facebook, so I’m raising more awareness on here. More infomation: x

Reblogging in hopes this case get solved fast!

come on tumblr this needs more notes

THIS IS MY FRIEND MILLY! SHE’S IN THE HOSPITAL IN ICU STILL IN SAN DIEGO WITH SEVERE BRAIN BLEEDING. PLEASE reblog this and let the police know if you have any information! 


Hey guys so i’ve seen other people try this and thought i would try it. I was suppose to switch schools this year but my mom changed her mind and now i cant, and now the only way her and Joe will let me switch for sophomore year is if this gets 30,000 notes. I got bullied so much last year that i went back in the closet and i’ve talked to the principal of the school my mom is making me go to and he cant to anything about bullying because of “religious freedom”. I went on a tour of the school I want to go to and met who my classmates would be and i feel completely safe there, while at the school my mom wants me to go to I dont feel safe and my anxiety is worse. So maybe we can get enough notes on this for me to transfer? 

orange is the new black season 2

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Important reminder: Everyone on the internet is a real person.

Go read this. It’s really important.

Be kind to one another.


today’s installment of “shailene woodley trying to shit on the hunger games series”




there are people on this website with children

there are people on this website who have their life together

there are people on this website who are award winning novelists

today i tried to smile at someone with water in my mouth and almost died


I’m on my phone so idk what that gif is but i have feeling it’s either spn related or it’s the gif of harry smiling at cho





why are parents allowed to yell and scream at their children and call them names and just make them feel like shit in general…

but when kids try to defend themselves…. its disrespectful?

what kind of fucking shit parents do you have

is this a new thing to you

Man you are one lucky son of a saint if you’ve never felt that. Give your mom a foot rub.


kudos to mtv for spreading this message tho

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I would just like to inform and point out to the entire Hunger Games Fandom that this young man being displayed alongside the Queen of cinema is in fact me! My name is Joshua Hernandez and not that it’s important or vital to express this or anything but I just want to be clear that I am also a fanboy, so you could imagine the difficulty I had containing myself throughout filming this scene, but I was able to keep my composure for the sake of the film and I am very grateful and glad I had this opportunity! I’ve also had the great pleasure of freaking out these past 24 hours over the fact that I have been featured in thousands of gifs and graphics and I cannot be any happier! I’d like to thank Tumblr, my tumblr followers, Jennifer Lawrence, Francis Lawrence, Suzanne Collins, my mom & dad, my cat Mr. Kitty and most importantly the post production editing team of the film for deciding not to cut me out. Thank you!